About ME

Hello there! I’m Anika Beri. My Tarot journey began in 2014 during Architecture college, when I started reading cards for my close buddies sneakily during library hours. A lot of my readings started making sense and the skeptical me wanted to understand the deeper meaning of the spooky experiences occurring one after the other.

Eventually, people of all age, race, community, started seeking answers after benefiting from their first sessions. I then completed my diploma from International School of Astrology, Delhi and have been practicing as a professional reader thereafter.

My aim is to sweep away some of the spooky and dogmatic cobwebs around tarot, help my generation connect spiritually and be more aware of their subconscious which will in turn help them make better and clear decisions for themselves. 🙂

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What I Offer

No matter what your background is, tarot can be a powerful tool to shift your perception and open up new insights

I craft inspiring tarot readings & lessons for people looking to creatively engage with life. My work focuses on identifying actionable steps and helpful insights from your readings or intuitive work – with no confusing and esoteric jargon or disempowering predictions.

All of my clients share a desire to examine things deeply and include spiritual seekers, questioning skeptics, entrepreneurs, academics, writers, and more.

Intuitive Tarot Sessions

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Sit down, have a cup of tea, and see what the cards have in store for you. A 30 minute reading is a lovely amount of time to dip your toes into the cards and engage with a single question or topic such as relationship, career or health.





Dive deep into the cards with a 1-hour session. This is a wonderful choice for those wanting to thoroughly explore all aspects of their lives. The life spread includes love, career, health, family and finances. You may also ask multiple questions post the spread.



A 1-hour reading for two (or more) that maps out the details of your relationship. Wonderful for romantic partnerships, business partnership or friendships.


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What to expect

Whether you’re having a session at my studio in Mumbai or via Skype your experience is centered entirely around you.

My readings are enlivening, warm, and insightful, with more than a little humor & creativity thrown in the mix. I believe that a tarot reading is like a conversation where we both bring our experiences and insights to the table.

No knowledge, beliefs, or mindsets are necessary to tap into the intuitive power of tarot. Bring your questions, confusion, inspiration, or joy. There’s room for it all and our session is 100% confidential and judgment-free.

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