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I’m available for in-person readings in Mumbai and remote readings via Skype, WhatsApp, & Google Duo. Read more about my offerings here and use the scheduler below to reserve a time and checkout. You can specify your question, concern, or topic (or simply request a general reading if that’s your cup of tea) through the intake form below. Pay online at your convenience or in-person for local appointments.

Worried about remembering your reading? Fear not! You’re welcome to record, take notes, or purchase a deluxe reading overview for 500INR of the cards & suggestions on how to engage with your reading moving forward.


Sit down, have a cup of tea, and see what the cards have in store for you. A 30 minute reading is a lovely amount of time to dip your toes into the cards and engage with a single question or topic such as relationship, career or health.



Dive deep into the cards with a 1-hour session. This is a wonderful choice for those wanting to thoroughly explore all aspects of their lives. The life spread includes love, career, health, family and finances. You may also ask multiple questions post the spread.



A 1-hour reading for two (or more) that maps out the details of your relationship. Wonderful for romantic partnerships, business partnership or friendships.