Code of Ethics

1. I believe that tarot is a tool to gain insight, cultivate intuition, and aid in decision making. I do not make predictions or guarantee outcomes. 

2. I will help you identify currents and paths in your life. It is up to you to decide which to take (if any at all!) Our lives are ever-changing and, thankfully, nothing is set in stone.

3. I cultivate a warm, positive, and accepting space for my readings. All the information you share with me in this space, whether in person or online, is treated with respect and kept with the strictest confidentiality.

4. I am a professional tarot reader, not a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor. I will not advise on these matters and my readings are in no way, shape, or form, a valid replacement for these services.

5. My mission as a reader is to illuminate, guide, and empower. Tarot can help you identify trends and factors in your life as well as the myriad options that you, a resplendent being with free will, are able to choose. As such, you are solely responsible for the decisions you make.

6. My greatest goal is to connect you with the deeper currents of insight in your life. If it becomes apparent that I am not the reader who can do this for you, I will gladly refer you to someone else.

7. Tarot is my passion and I love its power to foster connections. My focus is solely on readings the cards. I am not a medium, psychic, etc. Those seeking these services should look elsewhere.

8. Tarot is a journey of the self. I will not do readings solely about other people or on their behalf.

9. I do not read for individuals under 18 without parental consent.

10. I reserve the right to refuse service at my discretion.