Certified Course in Tarot Reading

Ever since Tarot, my life has accelerated in the direction I always wanted it to. I have learned to manifest things I desire. I have personally seen this tool helping 100’s of people and here’s my itsy-bitsy share to help it spread wide!

Tarot does not tell us the definite future, our destiny is in our hands. But it does tell you the HOW behind manifestation of your personal goals.

Over the period of time, we humans have lost touch with our intuition. We seek answers everywhere but within. The most powerful way to read the Tarot is to use the cards to access your intuition and your inner wisdom. The imagery in the cards give you instant access to your subconscious mind. And from this place of inner power, you can discover how to make positive changes now so you can manifest your goals and your dreams in the future.

This 7 days certified course shall cover the following topics:

  1. Tarot origin & history
  2. How and why Tarot works
  3. Major and Minor arcana
  4. Crystals as remedies
  5. Color symbolism
  6. Number System
  7. Cleansing cards
  8. Increasing intuition through meditation
  9. Spreads and shuffling
  10. Case studies and practical tests
  11. Ways to start as a professional reader

Course fees is inclusive of a Tarot Kit which comprises of a Tarot deck, cloth, and 3 crystals.

₹ 8000.00